Roll trailer maintenance

- inexpensive, flexible with a high standard of quality -

Do you have roll trailers in your fleet and would like to have them checked or repaired?

Then take advantage of one of our extensive service offers:

  • Recovery of defective roll trailers on the entire harbour area of the Rostock ferry port
  • Transfer of the units to the workshop, even in case of damage on the steel lattice
  • Straightening of cross bars and stringers resp. other deformations
  • Repair or complete replacement of the roll trailer planking
  • Repair of the undercarriage or change of drums
  • Installation of retractable twistlocks
  • Derusting, colour redesign and labelling according to customer specifications
  • Transportation of the roll trailer to the desired terminal or directly to the berth of your ferry
  • Depot maintenance (storage - packing - loading - shipping of roll trailers)

Test our flexibility and our service!

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