Trailer service

- all repairs quickly and professionally -

You cannot keep important delivery dates because your trailer is damaged?
Do not hesitate, contact us!

ScanRo offers you these services:

  • Security inspection (SP) for trailers
  • Vehicle inspection (HU) for trailers - using the time until the ferry departure
  • Repairs on tarpaulin and tarp hoops (at both our stationary and mobile workshop)
  • Repair of vessels' sides
  • Arrangement of tire services
  • Repairs without appointments as emergency repair service in the Rostock seaport

The trailer will be checked visually and an inspection protocol will be issued. If desired, digital photographs will be taken and sent to you via email. If you decide to issue a repair at ScanRo, it will be carried out as swiftly and reliably as can be.

You missed to schedule an appointment for the security inspection (SP) or vehicle inspection (HU) and now your trailer has been immobilized?
We can handle the situation without problems.

Via our collect and bring service the trailer will be taken to our workshop for the necessary inspections. The customer will be contacted in case of any deficiencies discovered during the inspection and may issue any indispensable repairs on the spot.

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