Solving your problems is our future.

ScanRo has a full decade of experience and correspondingly a high standard of quality assurance. Thus, we can assure our customers swift and reliable support even in the most complicated situations.

Our qualified and highly motivated specialists provide a maximum of flexibility with any possible problems, because solving difficult situations resp. mastering challenging tasks is our specialty and your advantage.

Give it a try and test us!

We offer the full services concerning any towed units, for instance:

  • Semi trailers
  • Swap bodies
  • Roll trailers

You do not have to be on location at the Rostock seaport.
Simply call us or send us your problem via email. ( We will try to contact you immediately.

ScanRo will take care of your units at all terminals in the Rostock seaport. The photographs we send you in case of any deficiencies will help you decide about possible repairs.

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